The easiest way to involve your audience.

Pullpath's interactive content marketing engine leverages your existing communication channels to accelerate growth.

Pullpath fuels engagement programs like:

  • Rewards programs
  • Education programs
  • Ambassador programs
  • Salesforce training programs
  • Social marketing programs
  • Employee engagement programs

Pullpath users spend 42% more money in WeChat stores.

Here's how we work

First you pick a group of people to engage with...

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Fans
  • Ambassadors
  • Subscribers
  • Partners we help you create interactive, bite-sized content...

  • Photo Challenge
  • Exercise Tips
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Rate the Speaker
  • Referrals
  • Check-in

...then you just spread the QR code or link.

  • In Wechat post
  • On Flyer
  • On Website
  • On Product
  • On Banner
  • In Store

Pullpath users average more than 30 interactions, providing your CRM with a steady stream of direct data & consumer insights.

It's that simple.

Our technology

Pullpath's gamified content engine is the easiest way to create, display, and optimize interactive content in Wechat.

  • It's Simple

    Your audience only sees one bit of content at a time.

  • It's Sequential

    As they progress, the content becomes more meaningful.

  • It's Sticky

    Each sequence is optimized to "pull" data and content from users.

Our reporting

Intelligent dashboards allows you to optimize your content in realtime. And you can access reports directly on your phone.

Global brands who have relied on our approach

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