Keep everyone engaged
Pullpath's gamified communications makes your team feel more involved with fewer meetings.
"Keep it up, it's super fun and engaging!"
Kayla R.
Marketing Supervisor
"Nice job, I like the feature of our remote props"
Dana G.
Admissions Supervisor
"Nice job, I think this platform keeps us closer with one another"
Michael P.
Director of Admissions
"Nice one! I like this! Makes me feel engaged and that our opinions count!"
Alexander D.
Agribusiness Developer & Project Manager Africa
"Thanks this is an awesome idea and keeps the people away from the center informed"
Dan C.
"This is a great way to collect insight and gauge if our teams are engaged in our mission"
Kevin M.
Admissions Staff
People are overwhelmed
You need to influence your team and they want to feel involved. But how can you scale that?
You can use pullpaths to cut through the noise. Your team earns points as they engage with your most important ideas.
Scale of email with the depth of a conversation
Communicate like a HUMAN
The interactive nature of Pullpath creates a back-and-forth flow, just like a conversation in real-life.
Do you skim when you read? Yep, so do your people. Pullpath breaks content into bite-sized pieces that’s easier to digest.
More interaction, more EFFECTIVE
When communication is Gamified, it gets 10x more responses than when passively skimming a company email. Involving your team in this way leads to higher retention.
"Getting acquainted with staff through quiz was pretty awesome! I like the idea and found this super helpful."
Lynsey N.
Continuing Care
"As you know, I am part of the old company that was bought by you, and to even see something like this, it was super cool and wonderful, because we weren't always included in company's goals, etc., so this is a whole new experience for me."
Viridiana F.
Reception Manager
"Great method of engagement!"
Carlos P.
EMT Technician
"Great to be part of the shaping of company's culture, very curious to see how this information will be used, and what's next on Pullpath!"
Massimiliano M.
Research Developer
"I am a new hire so I didn't know much! but it was a good thing to do this as well! Learned a lot"
Caryn C.
"I am really enjoying these! Thank you!"
Lakyn B.
Lead more effectively with fewer meetings
With Pullpath, you'll always know how your team is feeling since they give you feedback at every step. Be confident that your key message got through.
Get aligned.
Get going.
Clarity brings the team together and with real-time results you’ll know that they’re all moving in the right direction.
Trusted by the world's biggest brands
"I enjoyed this and feel like it’s helped...I feel even more motivated to keep a positive attitude and feel supported."
Gregory F.
"I love seeing these monthly updates and news within the organization!"
John R.
Director of Case Management
"I LOVED this style. I love the interactive-ness. I loved the funny response ideas."
Angie M.
CEO & Co-Founder
"I think it's awesome to keep us all updated on what's happening. Overall I appreciate the effort to keep us all in the loop and allowing us to give feedback."
Brandon B.
Marketing IT Staff
"I think this was a great way to reach staff in a time efficient manner that allows for flexibility with schedules."
Sara D.
"It has been very helpful to me as I have never met most of the staff, nor visited the offices. I appreciate it very much!"
Blakey J.
Senior Developer
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