Become An Interactive Leader
A communication tool for the future of leadership.
It's Harder To Be A Leader
Employees are now:
• Virtual
• Hybrid
• Global
And they expect:
• Continuous Feedback
• Two-Way Communication
• Leadership Engagement and Visibility
Increase satisfaction & productivity
The interactive nature of Pullpath gamifies your message, making it fun and easy for your team to deliver on your strategy.
Connect the team to the vision
When employees engage with your strategy in bite-sized chunks, they become more aligned with your long term goals.
And exceed your annual goals
Information retention creates a laser focus on your strategy and momentum to hit your KPIs.
Ever experience crickets after an important meeting? Not anymore.
Get $4.2M Back In Your Budget
A company with 1000 employees wastes $4.2M in miscommunication costs annually.
Trusted by the world's biggest brands
Become a more effective leader & win the hearts of your staff today