2-way communication software
Build an airtight team with better communication & feedback.
Sent does not equal heard
People are more distracted than ever, but you need your message to get through.
Communicate like a HUMAN
The interactive nature of Pullpath creates a back-and-forth flow, just like dialog in real-life.
Do you skim when you read? Yep, so do your people. Pullpath breaks content into smaller bits that's easier to digest.
More interaction, more EFFECTIVE
Get 10x more interactions, ideas & feedback from your workforce. Involving them in this way leads to higher retention.
Bring an end to uncertainty by upgrading to 2-way digital communications.
Get aligned, get going
Clarity brings the team together and with real-time results you'll know that they're all moving in the right direction.
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Choose a better way to communicate with your team