Questions & Answers
Do you offer a demo or trial of Pullpath?
Yes, you can get a demo site that you can use with up to 20 team members. Contact us at to get started.
Do I need a credit card to start?
No, you can create & use a demo site with just a confirmed email address.
Who makes the content in Pullpath?
Most companies will create content themselves after training. You can also engage one of our "Pathmasters" to create or convert the content for you.
What kind of tech support do you offer?
Demo accounts within their first month will have access to our customer success team and online FAQ & training materials. Paid accounts will be assigned a customer success lead.
Do you integrate with other tools such as Slack or Mailchimp?
We are currently building out our integrations. Please send your requests to
Do you offer single sign on (SSO) integrations?
Our enterprise clients are able to configure SSO integrations using SAML authentication. Please contact for more information.